Road Tripping USA Part 2

USA | Roadtrip | Januar 2016

  • DateJanuary 2016
  • LocationPacific Coast, USA
  • CategoryStory
  • ObjectRoadtrip Overview
  • TextSascha Hohlfeld
  • ImagesJonathan Danko Kielkowski & Sascha Hohlfeld
  • Togehter withAndré Müller, Jonathan Danko Kielkowski, Sascha Hohlfeld

Road Tripping USA – Episode 3

  • 7000 km, two months and six US states. In early 2016 I traveled along the American west coast from north to south. This post is part of a series of articles created during this trip.

Just a view hours driving along decent roads and you can get away from all of it. To a place seemingly untouched where you can breathe, think and stop thinking at the same time. Places so magical that of course also here you have to come off season to be alone. Even in those crisp time of the year there are others equiped with cameras and walking sticks all on their indiviual adventure through this seemingly endless wilderness which we all had read about in a Lonely Planet or so. There are thirty people in Antelope Canyon with us and we are getting told where we should stand to take a great picture, how to put the right setting in our cameras. Only a few adventures are left untouched nowadays and most of us are likely to not go on one of those. We travel, trying to be unique, trying to see as much as possible to tell the world where we have been and what we have done. Those thrity other tourists ruined our experience in that one meter wide canyon but we can’t blame them because we are just the same. So we rather cheerish the ride and time we spent together on those endless roads with all its ups and downs. In this vast world we were able to find our way and feeling free. If that’s not American what else is.

Well USA, in those short time you gave us a view of yourself which is not even close to everything but a proper glimps for sure. We are impressed by your natures beauty you allow to conserve, by the diversity of people and the sheer size of everthing which is all much bigger we used to, from peanut butter yars, to the gaps between public toilet doors, to the size and numbers of shopping opportunities, to the divide between the poor and the rich just meters from eachother one sleeps in tents under the shiny skyscraper the other enjoys the view from. All together we left with mixed feelings not sure either like or hate you. In size alone you are huge, filled with plenty of people loud and standing out who don’t do any good for a great reputation, all much to confident about your strength and importance but you are filled with countless little wonders which and who silently found their place between all the hassle, noise and consumption. Thanks and maybe see you another time agian.

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