• delvedelve (dĕlv) v. delved, delv·ing, delves v.intr.
    1. To search deeply and laboriously: delved through the court records.
    2. a) To research or make inquiries into something: scientists delving into gene regulation. b) To undertake an activity or occupation undeterred by difficulty or uncertainty: delved into writing a blog. c) To discuss or explain something, especially in detail: The article delves into the problems facing the banking system.
    3. To enter or move into an area in which movement is difficult: The explorers delved into the forest.
    4. To dig the ground, as with a spade.

We are delve. We document the traces humans leave behind. Creation and decay of man-made structures above and underground. Human impact on and interaction with nature. History.

Fascinated by the constant struggle of humanity to reclaim nature and vice versa, we travel to remote areas and places, that are normally hidden from view, sometimes long forgotten.

We have been exploring lost and hidden worlds together and alone for many years now, created this platform to archive and share our stories from along the paths we walked.

If you want to help us improve this website, feel free to contact us or leave a comment in the articles.

Besides that enjoy delving into the archive.