Postbahnhof Leipzig

Germany | Urban Stroll | April 2015

  • DateApril 2015
  • LocationLeipzig, Saxony, Germany
  • CategoryShort Story, City Tour
  • ObjectAbandoned Mail Hub & Train Depot
  • Text & ImagesJonathan Danko Kielkowski

Urban Stroll – Leipzig, Episode 6

  • She is the fastest growing city in Germany and got called the “New Berlin” from the New York Times in 2014. Over 1000 year of history highlights the last defeat of Napoleon in the Battle of Nations 1813 or the significant role in the Peaceful Revolution as two examples. Known as trade city since Medieval times it has also a rich industrial history. Resulting in a broad variety in architecture which now is getting restored for the “booming new Leipzig” step by step. This post is part of a series about remaining “Lost Places” which might be fancy and expansive quite soon.

Postbahnhof Leipzig

On February 1, 1912 Leipzig’s postal station was put into operation. The main building is 200 m long; The area of the entire complex covers 16,000 m². The eight-aisle hall of the head-ending station covered 29 tracks and 16 platforms. It accommodated up to 90 railway carriages, making it the largest railway station of its time. The postal station had its own water and electricity supply, for which a motor power station equipped with two 120 hp and a 250 hp diesel engines was built.
In 1913, 10.4 million pieces of outgoing and 4.8 million pieces of incoming parcels were handled at Leipzig Post Office. In addition, there were 36 million in transit traffic. The railroad cars were transferred by shunting locomotives of the main station, partly also by the train locomotives.
In the course of time, the postal station was constantly expanded and technically improved. In 1936, for example, a large extension building was completed on Rohrteichstraße, which could meet the operational requirements until the 1994 closure. With the conversion of the Deutsche Bundespost into the Deutsche Post AG, it set up the rail mail service throughout the Federal territory and shifted the postal transports to the street and into the air. Parts of the tasks assigned to the railway station in Leipzig have since been taken over by the Radefeld Freight Transport Center. The listed buildings of the Leipziger Postbahnhof have been empty since then.

Postal station extension building from 1936

Train Depot

Postbahnhof Leipzig*

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