Jute Spinning Factory

Germany | Urban Stroll | April 2015

  • DateApril 2015
  • LocationLeipzig, Saxony, Germany
  • CategoryUrban Stroll
  • ObjectJute Spinning Factory
  • TextSascha Hohlfeld
  • ImagesJonathan Danko Kielkowski

Urban Stroll – Leipzig, Episode 2

  • She is the fastest growing city in Germany and got called the “New Berlin” from the New York Times in 2014. Over 1000 year of history highlights the last defeat of Napoleon in the Battle of Nations 1813 or the significant role in the Peaceful Revolution as two examples. Known as trade city since Medieval times it has also a rich industrial history. Resulting in a broad variety in architecture which now is getting restored for the “booming new Leipzig” step by step. This post is part of a series about remaining “Lost Places” which might be fancy and expansive quite soon.

Jute Spinning Factory Lindenau


The spinning and weaving mill factory was built in 1896. Besides packaging materials, high-pressure sutures and coated fabrics were  produced here. Surviving the war and the GDR the company was sold and renamed after the German reunification on 1 July 1990. Shortly afterwards, the weaving works were stopped and the building along with the site were abandoned.



Today the buildings on the factory site are covered in an colorful layer of paint and plants all all kinds. Despite being considered as “Lost Place” the factory is everything than dead. Illegal concerts, movie screenings, parties, sprayers or kids who just want to riot, still fill this place up with life. It is a site in transformation with a lot of potential for future development.

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