Fun Fairs

Guatemala | Story | April 2016

  • DateApril 2016
  • LoactionMexico and Guatemala
  • CategoryStory
  • Text & ImagesSascha Hohlfeld

Spinning and swinging, turning and swirling, they go up and down, cheering and laughing all over the place not single sad face can be seen around. Colourful lights are flashing and moving, loud music blares the area and various scents of different food enter your nostrils. In towns and villages all over Latin America during Semana Santa fun fairs spreading joy and amusement for the whole family. During those seven days ending Easter Sunday you can find all kind of rides, foods, games and shows.

Completely abandon, unguarded and littered with the trash from the night before the scenery seems post apocalyptic during the day. Sunshine shows what easily can be overlooked thanks to the contrast of bright colourful spotlights, the night itself and those many other distractions which penetrate your senses. As a European those fun rides seem old, out of shape and dangerous. Like a ferris wheel balancing just on a few couple of wooden blocks right under a tree or another one is just a few feet next to a high traffic bridge. But most of them just faded in colour and style and got minor damages. Names, signs and descriptions of rides are mostly in foreign languages like English or German.

They might got discarded because Spiderman and Batman weren’t popular anymore or appealing enough because of scratches and dents. Some ended here simply because fun fairs closed their business and sold everything. Others maybe were not safe enough anymore. Countries like Germany have plenty of rules and laws, standards and regulations which prevent any accidents to happen. Those get shipped somewhere less strict orders apply making one last questionable profit.

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