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Italy – Matera | Urban Stroll | October 2017

Sassi di Matera

With a long history of first human settlements dating back to around 10,000 B.C., Matera has again become a place of public interest after being repudiated for decades.
Germany – Ansbach | Documentary | January 2013

Thermoselect Powerplant

Das neue Müllverbrennungsverfahren Thermoselect soll allen herkömmlichen weit überlegen sein. „Die vollständige Umwandlung der Abfälle in Energie und Rohstoffe, gleichzeitig eine drastische Minderung von Emissionen, das alles in kleinen, kostengünstigen …
Germany – Neumarkt | Archive | January 2013

Hotel Dillberg

This is an archive article. What does this mean? It is either about a location that has been already covered countless times on the web, a smaller location without any …
Germany – Nürnberg | Archive | January 2013

Günthers Fertilizers

Build in 1939 this factory was first used to produce brick stones and was later turned into a fertilizer factory. The factory is abandoned since 2006 with no revitalization plans …